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Botanical ink art, pink, green, blue colors in the background with the words, Why Mirabilis? on top.

Why my business is called Mirabilis Arts

So, here’s the sort of silly reason I chose ‘Miarbilis’ as my business name:

‘Mirabilis’ means ‘Wonderful’ – and it can also mean ‘amazing’ or ‘remarkable’ because it’s a Latin word and I guess Latin words are like that or something. I like Latin. I like the way it sounds and I like how it has this sort of “archaic and mysterious” quality – probably because it’s dead. Latin words seem like a sort of code or a word spell to me – a way to magically infuse an intent into something without saying it literally – that is in my native tongue literally. It’s like the word I want to invoke dons it’s ceremonial robes and goes out into the world to emanate the story with more zhuzh, more pazazz, than if it was in plain clothes. So, for that reason, I went with ‘Mirabilis’ instead of plain old ‘Wonderful’. Also, I just like the way ‘Mirabilis’ sounds.

Now here’s the more heart-felt reason…

I chose Mirabilis because my life’s purpose (if there truly is one) is to make the world more wonder-full.



  1. Wonder is fun.
  2. To wonder is to be curious about something and to be curious means you still have the ability to meaningfully engage with the world around you.
  3. Wonder is a kind of magical state which connects one to the rest of existence in a generative and life-affirming way. In other words, it’s a state of awe that heals and makes life more bearable… and beautiful.

In a world where we are so often stuck in the doldrums of mediocrity, banality, and boredom (not to mention pain and suffering), we NEED wonder – we need to be wonder-full. We need times and places where we can explore new and different possibilities; where we can marvel at the incredible impossibility and beauty of life; where we can ignite our creativity and solve our complex problems with novel and innovative solutions. Without wonder, life becomes sad and dull and not very worth living.

Sticker design that says "Wonder More" in yellow letters over a blue and green galaxy design behind it.

Wonder is a practice, a path, a way towards something “more exciting than peace and more sustainable than war” as an old friend is wont to say.

I want to practice wonder.

I want to be a wonder-maker.

And most of all I want to spread wonder like a marvelous contagion throughout the world so that we can all feel more connected, free, and hopeful.

As an artist, a maker, a deep empathizer, and a person devoted to bringing something helpful to the lives of others – I am called to weave and infuse whatever I do with wonder. One tiny step at a time, I aim to make the world more wonderful and Mirabilis Arts Cooperative is one vehicle by which I can do just that.

What does wonder mean to you? Let me know in a comment below!

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